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Metaverse application in CX improvement for multibillion dollar brands

6 April, 2023by soiprovn0

Metaverse – a technology trend, is forecasted to impact on many areas in human life. Especially in the field of customer experience, Metaverse promises to bring the most interesting experiences to all customers.

What does the metaverse mean for CX?

We can define that the Metaverse is a kind of parallel reality, integrating the real and virtual worlds, using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) …

Gartner research predicts that 30% of companies worldwide will have Metaverse-ready products and services by 2026.  This suggests that in the future CX will have great influences from the Metaverse. One of the main reasons why the Metaverse has the potential to change CX so profoundly is the level of engagement provided to customers, which strengthens connections, and allows consumers to participate in the brand journey.

It is understandable that in its simplest CX form, the Metaverse will be the latest series in the omnichannel journey. Today’s customers have high requirements for early response across communication channels, and with the Metaverse, customers can easily find VR stores, try virtual products in real time, access data information without moving anywhere.

How are multibillion dollar brands applying Metaverse in to use?


One of the best examples of big brands leveraging the power of the Metaverse is the use of gaming platform Roblox, the virtual world of sportswear brand Nike. Immersed in Nikeland, players can interact with Nike-branded virtual merchandise and apparel through a variety of activities and even meet fantasy sports stars like LeBron James.

Nike launched its web3-enabled platform (the third generation of Internet services that connect data to each other in a decentralized way to deliver faster and more personalized user experiences) called SWOOSH in November 2022, delivering a digital community experience for Nike’s customers and virtual creations.


The world’s largest furniture retailer IKEA and IKEA Studio have developed the Place app. In this application, the company has applied AR technology. With this app customers can place furniture and fixtures models in real scale in their own homes and be guided to choose the best items based on size,  functionality and style.

Cosmetic companies

A slew of cosmetics brands including Maybelline, Lancome, Armani, and Estée Lauder are also embracing the Metaverse to create omnichannel rich shopping experiences through virtual stores that use features like gamification, virtual trials, and avatars to engage customers. According to AR / VR provider ByondXR – a unit that cooperates with the above brands, the Metaverse experience generates a 400% increase in time spent in the store by customers and a 240% increase in brand loyalty.

Virtual try on feature
Lancôme’s Virtual Reality Store


In 2018, Gucci leveraged virtual reality (VR) technology with its social media marketing, collaborating with Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal and studio The Line Animation on the “Gucci Hallucination” campaign, showcasing paintings inspired by classic works of art.

After purchasing at 52 stores, customers have the opportunity to use VR (Virtual reality) devices to enter the digital space of the work. For customers who couldn’t go to the store in person, Gucci printed 15 of the 20 illustrations from the campaign to magazines, and users can use the brand’s app to scan QR codes and experience virtual reality at home. The campaign helped Gucci achieve a 115% growth in media value. After that, the brand also saw a 44.5% increase in revenue.

All of the above examples show that the Metaverse is one of the future doors for the customer service industry, especially in the process of enhancing and improving customer experience. Brands are gradually seeing the value in customers’ ability to connect, interact with the brand and make them love the brand more. These refreshing experiences can eventually translate into real-world sales. Therefore, in today’s digital age, businesses need to keep up with the trend to always bring guests the best experience.

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