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Benefits of Multichannel contact center

30 March, 2023by soiprovn0

Google has discovered up to 85% of the customer journey goes through multiple channels, starting on one channel and ending on another. It is easy to see that omnichannel journeys are becoming mainstream. Hence, building an omnichannel contact center for businesses is extremely critical.

What is a multi-channel contact center?

An omnichannel contact center is a strategic hub within an enterprise that enables brands to deliver customer service across multiple channels in real time, providing a seamless customer journey. For example, a customer journey can start on one channel and continue seamlessly on another, such as starting from an SMS channel and moving on to a website or social chat. The forms of multi-channel contact center can be mentioned as SMS, email, chatbot, social network.

Benefits of multi-channel contact center

Meet expectations and be able to exceed customer expectations: With interactions synchronized across all channels tailored to customer preferences, businesses can deliver a seamless experience from one contact center platform to the next. Thanks to data synchronization between channels, businesses remember information about names, purchasing habits, service needs, chat history to respond and solve customers’ needs quickly. Customers can get in touch with the brand any way they want, meaning they’re more likely to get in touch and give the business the opportunity to upsell and reduce customer churn.

Provide a deeply personalized experience:An omnichannel contact center makes it easier than ever to personalize the customer experience. Because omnichannel contact centers provide an overall picture of the customer journey, businesses can respond properly in every interaction, ensuring higher levels of customer satisfaction. Unified omnichannel customer care also helps businesses have enough information to outline complete customer portraits, divide customers into behavioral groups and implement personalized marketing campaigns, tailored to the needs of each individual group. This has been proven when there are about 80% Consumers say they find the experience personalized.

Increase customer empathy and loyalty:The customer service experience can be enhanced with multiple channels available for contact, helpful self-service options. An omnichannel contact center also helps businesses increase their chances of empathizing with customers. Presently, 36% Dissatisfied consumers with empathy manifest in their customer service interactions – striking out by providing a more humanized customer service experience and developing more loyal customers.

The fact that the multi-channel platform brings many benefits is undeniable, but it also brings many risks if the channels are not consistent in terms of content, quality or bad channel management. SOI.Pro, with more than 10 years of experience, is the pioneer and only unit in Vietnam that provides confidential customer service on an omni-channel platform that will help businesses check service quality on every touchpoint so that each Customer experience is the best experience.

To improve service quality and create impressive experiences with customers. Please contact SOI.Pro for more information!

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