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Using Mystery Shopping for Competitor Research

9 March, 2023by soiprovn0

61% of consumers say that they will switch to a brand competitor immediately after a bad experience, and 76% will decide to switch to a competitor brand after several bad experiences (Zendesk CX Trends Report 2022).

One of the ways to research competitors effectively and thoroughly is to use Mystery Shopping. The following are the results that businesses can collect when using the Mystery Shopping service. 

Reasons why competitors have a good market share and sell more goods

Mystery Shopping helps businesses answer the question of why competitors have better market share and sell more. Because Mystery Shopping will be the ones who directly experience the service as well as directly interact with the rival brand. From there, data sources are obtained as a basis for competitor research for businesses.

Mystery Shopping Service is even more useful for brands that sell online. With this method, they can observe the entire journey from contacting a competitor to the end of a deal, which can help clarify the differences between the two brands. For example, when ordering online from a competitor brand, you can see all the touchpoints between customers and businesses. 

Product selling points

Using Mystery Shopping, brands can know which superior features of their products and what they differentiate themselves from? The data collected from Mystery Shopping will show what advantages competitors are attracting customers. Detecting the outstanding characteristics of the product is extremely necessary because it is a premise for businesses to position their products in the market and develop other more prominent features in their products to increase sales.

How to improve the customer experience journey

Mystery Shopping Service will reveal how competitors create a perfect and smooth customer experience. What sales tactics are they implementing? All of the above questions will gradually be answered through touchpoints on the customer experience journey. This data helps businesses learn valuable lessons for themselves. 

A typical example in the customer service journey is the Haidilao – a Chinese hot pot restaurant chain. This restaurant chain is famous not only for its delicious food but also for the impeccable service they provide to each diner. Customers are cared for and served from the time of waiting until payment, each step is carefully invested by Haidilao. This is a lesson for restaurants to learn and improve their services. 

Backlog issues and things to avoid

Last but not least, the mistakes of competitors are the factors that help businesses accelerate success. When receiving data from Mystery Shopping, businesses can recognize some weaknesses of competitors such as major risks, security flaws or collisions during interactions. All of these can be a risk of irritating customers and leading to departure. If you take advantage of this and further improve your services, surely brands will succeed.

SOI.Pro with more than 10 years of experience in service quality management and customer experience brings Mystery Shopping solutions to businesses. This will provide businesses with full data on customer experience, and suggest improvements in facilities and service methods to create better customer experiences to help businesses increase customer loyalty and brand reputation.

To improve service quality and create impressive experiences with customers. Please contact SOI.Pro for more information!

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