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Why Investing in CX is Crucial During Economic Downturns

23 March, 2023by soiprovn0

In accordance with expectations, the global economy is going to face an ever-deepening recession in 2023, along with unforeseen societal shifts and daily unanticipated events

According to research, one of the best strategies for surviving a recession is to strengthen a good customer experience plan. Organizations that engaged in CX saw profits during the financial crisis of 2008. Organisations may attract happier, more devoted consumers by making a significant investment in the customer journey.

The innovation of omnichannel customer experience can not only help businesses survive, but also achieve continuous improvement and push the boundaries of customer relationships.

5 ways to invest in customer experience during a recession

Know your customer

Customer profiles are necessary for businesses to develop their CX strategy. According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, leveraging psychological aspects as opposed to consumer demographics or lifestyles is a superior strategy during uncertain economic times.

Make sure your clients feel heard.

Making customers feel like they are contributing to the company is a terrific way to increase client loyalty. The practice of transforming the words of consumers into a “idea” is used by numerous significant businesses throughout the world. The Lego corporation is a wonderful illustration of this: Users can upload their own designs to the Lego Ideas portal.

Even in tough times, customers’ relationships with brands are improved by giving them the sense that they have been truly heard, even if it’s just through an email response.

Honesty and transparency

After the Covid period, businesses are more willing to admit mistakes. Customers are more forgiving because mistakes are unavoidable as people adjust to an unfamiliar environment.

According to Experience Investigators CEO Jeannie Walters, this results in more genuine interactions. “The best-performing individuals make up organisations. Instead of requesting irrational privileges, customers are asking for assistance. Despite some ongoing tension, both sides are benefiting from one another.

Taking care of customers’ feelings through the organisation’s message

By making customers feel valued and respected, businesses might feel as though their brand voice has been validated. But this is not a typical time of year. People are apprehensive and stressed out in many different ways, so the last thing a company wants to do is lose a client by giving them a poor experience.

When reassessing how agents and bots are communicating, CSAT and NPS measurements will also be a strong signal of any adjustments that need to be made by businesses when analyzing customer sentiment, particularly in an industry like finance where customers may feel more vulnerable than usual.

Encourage self-service

More than 60% of buyers explore for self-service options before contacting the organisation directly. Customers expect immediate assistance through whichever method is most practical.

Additionally, self-service technologies provide substantial financial benefits over time, enabling organizations to reduce headcount while maintaining strategic departmental focus.

A chatbot that is set up and then ignored it is not a wise strategy for effectiveness. A consistent customer experience across various consumer touchpoints cannot be achieved by creation without ongoing reinforcement and upgrading.

It is incredibly difficult and demands a lot of work from businesses to keep customers happy and foster client loyalty, especially in trying times. Therefore, every company must understand how to improve the client experience.

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