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Contact Centre: The need for Livechat on the website  

23 March, 2023by soiprovn0

In its latest Consumer Trends and Customer Experience Expectations 2023 report, SOI.Pro found that consumers under the age of 22 (30.91%) enjoy interacting through the website the most. This proves that the development of technology and the convenience of the Internet have greatly impacted the behavior of young consumers. Moreover, proving that Livechat on the website is gradually becoming more important than ever.  

4 reasons why Livechat is becoming important for businesses 

24/7 real-time live support: Livechat allows businesses to provide real-time support to customers. This speeds up the resolution of issues and answers to questions.  

Discover customer “pain points’: With traditional support systems, such as emails or phone calls, sometimes it can be difficult to know a customer’s “pain points” because only a group or individual has heard or received them. However, with the Livechat feature, administrators and management team have access to all chat history. This history can be sorted, searched, and filtered to quickly find out customer dissatisfaction points. As a result, the management team can easily spot customer problems or needs and find yokes that solve and solve them. 

Cost-effective: Phone support is how companies have traditionally been for customers, but it can be very expensive – both in terms of tolls (for customers) and human resource costs (for businesses). Livechat doesn’t cost more than email and is a lot cheaper than phone support. In fact, Forrester research has shown that Livechat customer service is 17-30% cheaper than a phone call. 

The main reason why Livechat is so much cheaper than phone support is because with Livechat, support agents can multitask and assist multiple guests at the same time. On average, with proper training, most Livechat agents can handle three or more chats simultaneously. 

Solve problems faster, more efficiently: Information on websites is often plentiful, and is a great source of information for customers. When businesses have so many online help documents or articles, customers or users may not find or use them quickly. With the Livechat feature, agents can “push” help links or training materials quickly through. As a result, instead of guiding users step-by-step through the troubleshooting process and resolution, agents can link visitors directly to the appropriate material or content.  

Livechat has been a popular communication tool in the “West” in recent years. The next generation of Gen Z customers has gradually preferred this method of communication. Today’s businesses need to grasp the trend and understand customers to have the most appropriate and effective approaches.

Moreover, currently connecting with customers on multi-channel platforms is being very focused by businesses. For this reason, the Livechat feature is being incorporated by businesses in the contact center to be able to respond to customers in the fastest time. SOI.Pro is one of the experienced units in supporting personnel for contact centers. For more information about this package, please click here.

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